“I am convinced that the Supreme Counsel and the Permanent World counsel, which only aim to take care of the universal prosperity, will achieve their sacred goal before the end of this 20th century!”

September 1918

engineer Nicolas Dymcoff


---> His contribution to Bulgaria?


In the third decade of the 20th century N. Dymcoff lived in Tzarigrad as an eminent industrialist and diplomat with huge connections in whole Turkey and on the Balkans.


Bulgaria also owns him gratitude for another unvalued deed. He used his diplomatic talent and managed to obtain from the Turkish supreme authorities all the documents, related to Bulgaria, that were kept in the common stock for archives in Tzarigrad. Several carriages with the documents, reflecting events from several decades, were sent to Bulgaria. The incident, as Nicolas Dymcoff explained it by himself happened in the following way – one day, when he was passing by Tefter Han, he noticed that there were many archive materials, stuffed in sacks for recycling. When he found out that the documents were all related to Bulgaria, he wrote a letter to the Bulgarian government to send immediately someone, who speaks Turkish well. The famous specialist in Turkish language Vl. Hindalov arrived in Tzarigrad. A big part of the archives were bought off. Between them are the materials from the criminal process against Vasil Levski.


According to the medic Petar Dymcoff (the nephew of Nicolas Dymcoff) the story is as follows – “Mr. N. Dymcoff receives a request from the Bulgarian government and from the Bulgarian Academy for Sciences if it is possible some important documents from the Turkish archive to be brought in Bulgaria. Nicolas Dymcoff tells them to keep it quiet on the matter and to leave it to him to find the appropriate moment.”


As a conclusion, in 1934 there were 8 carriages with the valuable documents that arrived in liberated Bulgaria. Engineer Nicolas Dymcoff managed with his own efforts to deliver to his country the valuable archive materials, entirely connected with our national memory and history.





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